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International pupils

We are proud to welcome pupils from all around the world to study at 鶹ƽ.

Our international community at 鶹ƽ is strong and richly diverse with our current pupils representing over 40 nationalities and speaking 37 languages. 

The admissions process for international applicants is the same as for UK applicants and as part of the decision process, the School takes into consideration the educational context of an applicant’s country of residence. 

Entrance Examinations and alternative venues

We offer several options for international applicants who are not able to travel to the UK to sit the entrance examinations in person at 鶹ƽ. 

From the comfort of their own home, international pupils can be invigilated online by 鶹ƽ via a Zoom meeting. 鶹ƽ hosts these testing sessions and the dates are set by the Admissions Department. Please see our Entrance Examination dates.

Alternatively, within a seven-day window set by the School, international applicants may also be permitted to sit at the offices of the British Council, at the offices of a recognised educational agent working with 鶹ƽ, or at a lawyers’ office. 

Please note that we do not permit our entrance exams to be taken at the applicant’s current school. All applicants based in the UK are expected to come to 鶹ƽ to sit their entrance exams, this includes international applicants currently attending a UK Boarding school. 


It is important that all international pupils joining 鶹ƽ are proficient English speakers and writers when they arrive. The School reserves the right to request international applicants to sit the UKiSET online test as part of the admissions process.


鶹ƽ has been licensed by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to sponsor international pupils for the purpose of full time study at the School. Please note that we do not sponsor international pupils to attend as Day pupils. 

If your child does not hold a UK passport, they will need to apply for a Child Student visa in order to commence their studies at 鶹ƽ unless they hold an immigration status allowing them to study in the UK (eg. EU Settled or Pre-settled status)

Our Visa Compliance Officer, Agnes Belfitt (email visas@haileybury.com), is available to provide you with guidance throughout the application process. Please note, while we are always on hand to support you, it is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians to directly submit the application to UK Visas and Immigration. 

A visa administration charge of £450 is added to your first term’s invoice. 

Educational Guardians

We insist that every pupil whose parents reside overseas must have a suitable Educational Guardian living in the UK. Your child’s guardian could be a relative or a close family friend and must be over the age of 25. 

Alternatively, there are a number of Guardianship organisations who can assist you in appointing a Guardian to meet you and your child’s needs. We recommend parents to refer to the AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) website for further information: or email info@aegisuk.net


鶹ƽ maintains close and established relationships with a number of professional agencies and educational consultants around the world.