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Boarding and Houses

Everyone who comes to 鶹ƽ is bowled over by the positive relationships within and between pupils and staff. This is rooted in our strong House system and the time we spend getting to know the pupils in our care.

On joining 鶹ƽ, new pupils are allocated to one of our 13 Houses, all of which contain both boarders and day pupils. From the start, new pupils feel welcomed and part of their House communities, supported and mentored by the older pupils and prefects.

Each House is led by a Housemaster or Housemistress (HM) who becomes the key person in your son or daughter’s school life, someone who knows them closely and is always looking out for them. This group of exceptional individuals ensure the mental and physical health, wellbeing and academic progress of each and every pupil in their care. HMs are supported by matrons, Assistant HMs Resident Tutors and a team of tutors so there is always someone on hand to help or just have a chat.

Boarding life in Houses is varied, diverse and fun. The relationships developed last a lifetime, whether in activities, trips, rehearsing for House music, birthday parties, welcoming new pupils, relaxing in the common room, winning, losing and everything else in between.

More than two thirds of pupils are boarders but day pupils can enjoy the benefits of wrap-around care, activities, sport and all-round provision. While pupils may go home after sport on Saturday afternoon, weekends are fun, purposeful and relaxing, with a wide range of activities laid on.

Whichever House you are placed in will be the best one for you; everyone thinks that their House is the best. There is a friendly rivalry between Houses in competitions but the quality of care is equally excellent in all Houses and is supported by a highly experienced and engaged pastoral leadership team.

Lower School
Pupils in Years 7 and 8 are part of Russell Dore House, their own building on campus. They have a specific curriculum and the chance to gradually familiarise with 鶹ƽ life, whilst having access to the specialist facilities available to all pupils. Lower School boarders (boys and girls) live in the purpose-built Highfield House. All Lower School pupils have the opportunity to try boarding. Click here to find out more about our Lower School.