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Biodiversity, Ecology and Grounds

Achievements to date

  • Wildflowers have been sown in key areas including the edges of the academic quads to enhance insect habitats and food to support the house martin and swift populations.
  • Any waste material generated through groundworks stays on site – no waste is sent off-site for disposal.
  • School commitment to tree-planting. 700 trees have been planted on site to date.
  • Large Several areas of the School grass areas are being left to grow through the spring and summer subjected to ‘No Mow May’

Actions planned

  • 鶹ƽ plan to purchase a composter for use across the grounds
  • Swift boxes and callers are being installed to encourage swifts to nest on-site.
  • Grass strips inside each hedgerow will be left to grow
  • Wildlife boxes and habitats will be created across the campus.
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