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Cookies Policy

In 2011, an EU online privacy directive became law which states that websites must get consent from each visitor in order to use cookies.

Cookies are small text files which get stored on your computer or mobile device and get sent to the web server with details about your visit, such as whether you have visited before, or what your login details are, so that you aren’t prompted for them again.

First party cookies

We use first party cookies on our website (cookies that are created by us) on the following areas of this website:

    • Compliance cookie – if you allow cookies on this website, a cookie will be saved to record this choice, so that you are not asked the next time you visit.

Third party cookies

We use Google Analytics to collect information about your visit to this website to help us analyse site traffic. This helps us to improve this website and the experience and information that we give to our visitors. In order to do this, we use cookies.

These cookies do NOT contain any information that can personally identify you nor build a personal profile of you, and are used solely for the purposes of analysing site traffic (such as, which pages are least popular and therefore need improving to give more benefit to our visitors).

We also use the Facebook Pixel, which allows us to track the success of any Facebook adverts that we may run.

Other third party cookies that may be used on this website are created by:

  • Vimeo – used to watch the videos on our website.
  • YouTube – also used to watch videos on our website.
  • Google – used by Google Analytics, as mentioned above.
  • Facebook and Twitter – the social plugins on this website use cookies in order to link the social activity to your profile (for example, knowing that you clicked the Facebook Like button).

If you do not wish us to track your visit with cookies, modern browsers enable you to turn off this functionality, or to stop cookies being automatically accepted, in their settings. If you have cookies turned off, you will still be able to use most of the features on this website. Other 鶹ƽ websites, such as the Parents’ Portal, may be affected by this and you should read the cookie policy for each individual website for more details.

Manage your cookie preferences

If you would like to manage your cookie preferences click here.