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Record-breaking achievement for 鶹ƽ Cricket

by Andy Searson, Director of Sport

The captain and vice captain of the boys’ 1st XI Cricket, Eden and Charlie, shared a record stand of 277 for the 2nd wicket v New Hall last week. This is certainly the highest in most people’s living memory and having scoured the record books back to 1863 (as well as having sought primary source testimony from the 1940s, which was a particularly fruitful decade for those wielding a 鶹ƽ bat), we believe that this is 鶹ƽ Cricket all time record.

It is a magnificent achievement and a great illustration of the fabulous work of our Director of Cricket, Rupes Kitzinger over recent years. Cricket, for both boys and girls, is flourishing both in terms of participation and quality—Long may (and will) that continue!

Both boys’ hundreds were chanceless, and fantastic. An additional strand to the boys’ success was their preseason preparation, having spent their Spring Term in Cape Town: Eden and Charlie spent the second term of their Lower Sixth year in Somerset College and SACS respectively. Such exchange opportunities are a fabulous element of the 鶹ƽ Cricket programme. The boys’ experience of the South African culture (cricketing and otherwise) has been an influential dimension of the boys’ overall education both on and off the field of play. Both have matured impressively from the experience and it is illustrated in the way that they are going about their business at the crease!